Fable Beard Co's The Engineer - The Wizard's Keep - Episode 3

Fable Beard Co's The Engineer - The Wizard's Keep - Episode 3

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, and then, SPLOOSH! I am rejected from the vortex and find myself 100 feet into the air, spinning head over heels. As I make my decent my eyes catch a glimpse of an island, then water, then island again finally I strike water once again and float back up to the surface. It seems I am a long way from the fireplace that brought me here. I look around and see nothing but the island and water. It seems I am in the middle of the ocean, what ocean, I have no idea. Then the island comes in to focus. This is no ordinary island. Purple sanded shores with great giant oak trees all seem to lead the same place, a massive castle. It must be over 100 feet tall with 20 turrets and even from all the way over here I can see the large red and gold door. That must be the place of The Wizard! 

As I pull myself onto the shore it’s unlike any beach I have ever set foot upon. To think I am going through all of this for some beard oil. Well, the people want what they want, on ward. Making my way through the thick forest there are sounds all around me but nothing to be seen. Tiny glowing eyes seem to be tracking my way through the thick forest as I may my way down a golden path. The feeling of being watched is the worst I have felt in a long time. They don’t seem to be just looking at me but, something deeper. I shake it off and continue on my path. As I approach the castle it is even bigger than I realized. From the shore, this place seemed big but up close it seems monumental. The only thing that troubles me is there seems to be no bridge of any kind to make my way to the door. As I approach the edge of the cliff I look down to find more than I could have imagined. Not just a moat of water but a moat of empty space. Limitless nothingness with stars and planets. If I fall in I’m sure I will lose myself for eternity. 
I notice a sign on the sign of a pillar that reads as follows.
I have been expecting you, fellow Engineer. If we are to finally meet I must ask for your trust first. Simple walk out into nothingness and make your way across the void. -The Wizard
Boy if that isn’t a lot to ask of a dwarf! I muster up all the courage that is inside of this tiny body and step out into the void. I find myself unable to move and seem to be floating in space. Without panic I envision myself making my way to the other side. With delight I find myself floating over the void with nothing but my thoughts. A once impossible task seemed to be over in an instant and I step onto the grounds of The Wizards Keep. Just then I turn around to take one last look at the void and find it gone! No mote, no void, just a path. Man, this wizard is one of wonders. I walk up to the giant door and find it cracked open as if waiting for me. If these tricks are on the outside I can only imagine what is on the inside. I push the door open and step through.
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