Fable Beard Co's The Engineer - We're Off To See The Wizard - Episode 2

Fable Beard Co's The Engineer - We're Off To See The Wizard - Episode 2

The letters used to come weekly and now they are coming every other day. They have become too much for me to handle. I think its time I met this wizard and tell him that the time has come to increase his supplies. The demand for this Fable Beard Co. is too great and he better deliver. Although, I have no way of knowing how to get ahold of this wizard. The boxes simply come in the night. I think I shall write a note and see if it somehow gets to him. Three days have passed since I left the note and I haven’t heard a word. Just then a bright light entered my hut from the window. Behold in front of me was a phoenix. I have only heard of them in legends. The flames brighter than my forge, I have to turn away to save my sight. The phoenix lands gracefully on the counter and burst into a ball of flames. Nothing but ash is left and again everything is quiet. Alas, in the ashes is a scorned note with nothing but one sentence. To The Engineer, The abandoned hut to the North, 9pm tomorrow. It seems I have found my reply.


I could hardly sleep throughout the night and my daily tasks were completely unmanageable. I’m glad I turned over my closed sign, I don’t think I could muster conversation with anyone. Like I said before, the magic folks give me the creeps. The things they do to our world shouldn’t be allowed. The sunset over the hills was magnificent. I took all the golds, pinks, and shades of rose as it might be my last. I make my way to the hut in the North.


I see smoke rising in the distance. The chimney on the hurt is blazing strong. I reach the old wooden door and from the outside nothing at all seems odd about the place. For some reason I always imagined something grand as a homestead. I mean, The Wizard does make all of this beard oil. He couldn’t possible do so in this shanty. Though he did send a phenix to deliver the note. I crack open the door and the first thing I see is nothing. Nothing but a fire blazing and random household trinkets. Could It be that I have been setup? Is this an ambush of some nature? After what seemed like an eternity of silence the fire suddenly extinguishes itself. In its place was only what can be described as a vertical pool of water circling the drain into the back of the fireplace. Seemingly to nowhere and with an unlimited supply of water at that. I’m scared but, then I remember I am The Engineer! I have fought trolls 10 times my size. With my new found strength I inch towards the vertical pool. Before I know it I am sucked in. Finding myself underwater but able to breathe. Nothing but bubbles and roaring waves around me. I can only imagine what will be on the other side…

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