Fable Beard Co's The Archer | A New Dawn Breaks - Episode 1

Fable Beard Co's The Archer - A New Dawn Breaks - Episode 1

Another dawn breaks across the Boron Mountains. I have many miles ahead of me but, first I must eat. The elements of this God forsaken path makes my beard brittle and dry. However, my beard feels better than normal today, must be this new oil I found in the last town. Fable, catchy name, it reminds me of all the Fables I have created along my many travels. As I pack up camp a doe breaks through the trees. I draw an arrow from my quiver. The smell of cedar wood enters my nose. Is it the arrow or this beard oil? Never mind that now. I line the tip of my arrow with my target. Your heart will cease to beat in but a few seconds. Take comfort in knowing nothing will go to waste. SWOOSH....The arrow leaves it's home to enter a new one. A perfect shot, as always. This should do just fine. With belly full I am off to the next town. I think back on the Fable that my father used to tell me and it gives me great joy. If it wasn't for my father and his great wisdom I wouldn't have survived this long. The maidens better be prepared for I have a new found confidence. The oil? Yes, it's definitely the oil" - The Archer 

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