Fable Beard Co's The Archer | A Wench And A Cave - Episode 2

Fable Beard Co's The Archer - A Wench And A Cave - Episode 2

After drinking what seems to be all the mead in the Boron Provence I come to the realization that I have nowhere to bed for the night. The wench at the bar has not stopped talking to me for the last hour. She keeps whispering things like you smell so good and why don’t we go up to her chambers. Curse this Fable Beard Oil for it makes my beard as soft as her underskirt but, I have no time for the trivial pursuit of women. I have a mission before me. We must make it to the Isles of Glore but first, we have to pass through The Hollowed Cave. All of this can wait till morning. Say, Barkeep, “Do you have a bed for a weary traveler this eve?” The Barkeep finishes wiping the last glass of the night and says, “Aye, I have nothing but a cot but, It is in my personal chambers.” I’ll take it says The Archer. “Follow Me.”

The Barkeep leads me to the back of the hut into mighty fine living quarters. “You can sleep over there behind those crates from Fable Beard Co in the corner.” It shall suit me just fine. As I lay, head still spinning from the mead, I think of the cave that waits for me in the morning. I hear stories of the never-ending darkness and the many lost souls that lay perished in this cave. Never-mind, It must be done to make it to the Isles of Glore. Seems like darkness shall be my friend. I close my eyes and sleep with no dreams.

As I wake in the morning I leave before The Barkeep wakes. I pass by the sleeping wench still at the bar, seems she never made it to those chambers. The sun is bright this morning and shall make for a hot trip to this cave. The map I got from Captain Red says The Hollowed Cave is 15 miles north of Boron. Though I am on foot the woods are my home. I shall pass through with no trouble. Hours pass and so does the sun as I approach the final clearing of the Boron Foothills. This Hollowed Cave seems nothing more than a child's ghost story from the outside. A mere five foot opening in the side of a cliff. Seems easy enough, although I have no way of telling what is inside or how long the cave goes on. I enter with caution and the light slowly leaves the path in front of me. Nothing but darkness left now. Never-mind, If I get in a pinch I can use this beard oil for torch fuel. Snap……Gurgle…Wail…. It seems I am no longer alone….

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