The Engineer | A Spiced Citrus Beard Oil

Fable Beard Co's The Engineer - The Wizards Supply - Episode 1

Tink…Tink…..Tink….Sizzle. Another two hours and this sword should be done. A large quota this month but, it’s nothing I can’t handle. It’s been 15 years since I left the Boron Provence. No need for details. Let’s just leave it at love scorned. The iron has been good for the soul. The people mostly okay. Letters keep coming though, I think this is the fourth one this season. They keep asking for Beard Oil. Some company named Fable Beard Co. I have only heard rumors of the wizard a few miles north of here. I try not to get involved with the magic folk if I can, they give me the creeps. Nevertheless these folks in Boron seem to have taken strongly to this wizards beard oils. I traded an elf an old dagger for a bottle last month. The smells of citrus remind me of the orange groves of home and the oils have done wonder for my beard in this heat of the forge. A pirate by the name of Captain Red should be here later this afternoon to pick us these crates from Fable Beard Co. I still can’t understand how they got here without making any sound in the night. Oh well, its best not to question these things. If I look hard I can see a shape out on the distance. I think it’s a ship, in fact I am certain of it. Now the only question is should I stay with this iron forge or set my travels with Fable out into the land? Time will tell.

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