The Zombie Hunter Part 2: Mine Your Surroundings

The Zombie Hunter Part 2: Mine Your Surroundings

The last time we saw our heroes, the Zombie Hunter tracked a horde of zombies to a ghost town in the middle of the desert. As the Zombie Hunter lethally and efficiently sneaks through the town, he seeks to gain high ground to better observe the movement of the hundreds of zombies. However, before the Zombie Hunter could make his way up the bell tower, he is surprised by the Undead in a dark alley.


The Zombie Hunter turns around just as the zombie lunges to sink its teeth into his neck. The Zombie Hunter grabs his shotgun and holds it up to the zombie’s neck, stopping the ravenous ghoul's incisors only a couple of inches from his face. The monster pushes the Zombie Hunter into the street, the two of them tumbling out into the street. The Zombie Hunter keeps the shotgun pressed against the zombie. The ghoul presses back against him, the jerry-rigged axe head cutting into the undead’s hand, its rotten face agape and growling at him. The scuffle draws the attention of the rest of the undead, meandering around the town. As the undead begin to swarm, the Zombie Hunter realizes that if he has been made. 

The Zombie Hunter rolls over, resting the barrel of his shotgun against the zombie’s face and pulls the trigger. The gun blasts through the zombie’s head, blowing a crater into the ground. The undead, like a hive of hornets, begins to swarm. Stealth is out the door, the Zombie Hunter racks another round into the receiver and begins to slam fire his way through the horde. The air is filled with gore, bloody mist, and disembodied limbs. The Zombie Hunter tears through the crowd like a mower through grass. The Undead keep coming, and the Zombie Hunter knows he can’t do this forever.

The Zombie Hunter searches for something to give him a chance. His attention turns to the mine shaft. He would be pinning himself in, but he could create a bottleneck, allowing his weapons to achieve maximum effectiveness. Not to mention he could possibly lose them in the winding maze of the mine shaft. That is if the Undead doesn’t overwhelm him, clogging the paths, not allowing him to move. He has no idea how many zombies he’s cut down, but they keep coming and his ammunition continues to dwindle down the longer he stays in the open, trying to make his decision.

The Zombie Hunter makes his choice. He turns toward the mine shaft and begins to clear his way toward the mine. Once he clears his path, he picks up the pace. He holsters his pistol and grabs a lit torch with his off-hand on his way into the mine shaft. His other arm tightly shoulders his shotgun. The Zombie Hunter delves into the mine shaft, the undead in hot pursuit. The Zombie Hunter is searching for a place to make a stand. He finds a large cavern with a walkway that will only allow a few zombies to pass at a time and from his vantage point, he has a couple of escape routes. However, as the Zombie Hunter readies himself a foreign sound rings off the mine walls. The Zombie Hunter is not alone…


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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