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Fable Beard Co.

The Hero Co-Wash - Warm Tobacco, Light Cologne, & Mystical Amber Beard Conditioner

The Hero Co-Wash - Warm Tobacco, Light Cologne, & Mystical Amber Beard Conditioner

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Introducing The Hero Beard Conditioner from Fable Beard Co - a daily beard conditioner that provides deep conditioning and a warm cologne scent. This co-wash, a blend of beard wash and beard conditioner, is perfect for daily use without stripping your beard.

Made with wizards magic, The Hero Beard Conditioner is packed with benefits for your beard. It promotes beard health and strength, seals in moisture to prevent beard itch, moisturizes deep within the follicle for optimal growth conditions, and softens beard hairs for easy styling and management. Plus, the long-lasting scent will carry you through even the toughest days.

The Hero Beard Conditioner is made with all-natural, cold-pressed oils and is free of damaging phthalates. It is made in the USA and does not contain any DHT-inhibiting ingredients. Plus, the long-lasting scents last for 8-10 hours.

To use, simply apply the desired amount to your beard in the shower, wait 5 minutes, and rinse for a clean, soft beard. The Hero Beard Conditioner is made with a variety of natural ingredients, including water, aloe vera, cetearyl alcohol, coco-glucoside, shea butter, BTMS, xanthan gum, sunflower oil, olive oil, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and fragrance oil.

Fable Beard Co offers a risk-free guarantee - if you aren't satisfied with the wizard's magic or the fragrance, just contact their customer service team for an exchange. Try The Hero Beard Conditioner today and see the difference in your beard.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    Michael Villanti (Rainier, US)
    Good stuff

    Love the smell, the consistency, and the results.

    Tyler Knight (Seattle, US)

    The Hero Co-Wash - Warm Tobacco, Light Cologne, & Mystical Amber Beard Conditioner

    Christian Noell (Atlanta, US)

    I’ve ordered this same product at least 3 times and everytime it smells different not like the hero scented beard wash. The consistency is even different. This time the smell is not appealing.

    That's strange. Please email and we would be happy to exchange it for you. - The Wizard

    Robert Sharp (Covington, US)

    Was very disappointed in the scent. It had no cologne scent at all. Was very disappointed

    Branden Peters (Los Angeles, US)
    Great Scent

    I love using this wash in the morning when getting ready for the day. It makes my beard soft and pliable so when I follow up with an oil my beard looks great.

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