Attack of the Dogman

Attack of the Dogman

The child leaps out of the cage, and Dr. Wolf winces, prepared for the worst. However the child rushes forward, hugging Dr. Wolf.

“Oh thank you sir, thank you thank you thank you,” squeals the little boy, wrapping his small arms as far around Dr. Wolf as he could manage.

Dr. Wolf slowly embraces the child, a chill running up his spine. He realizes he might have left the sweet child in the cage out of fear and the potential future that he might have faced. Dr. Wolf is relieved with his choice.

“Come on,” says Dr. Wolf, “We have to keep moving.”

“Okay,” says the child, obviously nervous for what might lie ahead.

Dr. Wolf steps through the looming archway into another inky black hallway, when the child stops again clutching at his chest. The child collapses, writhing on the ground. Dr. Wolf rushes to his side.

“Oh no,” says the child between gasps, his face twisted into an agonistic grimace, “No, not again.”

“What, what” asks Dr. Wolf frantically looking over the child, trying to diagnose his issue. Dr. Wolf raises the back of the child’s shirt to see a thick streak of hair running up the boy’s spine.

“Oh my…” begins Dr. Wolf.

A paw swats Dr. Wolf and he flies back into the cage room. He sits up, clutching his cane, staring at the place where the poor child laid and a monstrous Dogman rises.

A wolfish reflection stares back at Dr. Wolf from his cane.

“Loose me foolish Doctor,” growls the Wolf, “I will crush this puny pup.”

“He’s just a child,” growls Dr. Wolf back through gritted teeth, “He’s terrified.”

The Dogman charges Dr. Wolf, bearing his teeth. Dr. Wolf sees the center support pole for the tent has a rope to secure the tent over the pole. Dr. Wolf grabs the rope and uses it to begin to scale the center support pole. The Dogman runs up to the pole, putting his front two paws on the pole and nips at Dr. Wolf, but he has already climbed beyond the Dogman’s reach. 

As the Dogman continues to paw at the pole, Dr. Wolf feels the instability and eyes the rope supporting the whole tent. The tent hangs looser since Dr. Wolf untethered the anchoring rope on the center support pole. Dr. Wolf has an idea and continues to climb to the top of the pole. 

Once he reaches the top, Dr. Wolf looks down and find the exit. The support pulls tilts and leans beneath Dr. Wolf. Dr. Wolf waits, feeling the momentum of the center support pole build. He gulps deeply, and then leaps off, kicking the pole as he flies into the air. The center pole falls, the Dogman looks up expectantly, waiting for Dr. Wolf to fall. However, Dr. Wolf is flying through the air, holding the main rigging rope. He swings in circles, orbiting the whole room. The top of the tent begins to fall catching the Dogman up in its neverending folds and as the tent falls Dr. Wolf sinks lower and lower until he hurls himself into the tunnel leading on through the CarnEvil maze. Dr. Wolf stands, dusting himself off, frowning at the collapsed room as muffled barks echo in the tunnel, and then continues on.

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