Collection: Beard Care Bundles

Whether you've dreamed of dwarven locks or the clout of a barbarians beard, let our unique beard bundles strengthen, thicken and help you tame your best beard!

 Beard Growth Kits for Men

"Bearded adventurers come in many forms. Perhaps you're a distiller of fine concoctions, the barkeep that serves them. Maybe you prefer to be the hero who studies the world and those in it, such as the teacher, scribe, strategist, inventor, or artist. Mayhaps you're more apt to sail the high seas as a captain, swim the depths as a shark, or as jovial and lucky as a leprechaun. 

Bearded heroes come in all shapes, forms, and kinds and deserve the heroic beard to match. When it comes to the essentials for your next undertaking, make sure your trusty backpack or bag has the best beard growth kit. No trip to the dungeon, tavern or mysterious ruins is complete without ensuring your beard is the healthiest and as glorious as your ventures. 

Carefully created with magical ingredients and all-natural components hand-picked by The Wizard himself, Fable's beard growth kit of beard oil and butter will carry you anywhere you need to go. Our beard butter may look slightly grainy, but never fear! Due to the natural ingredients, variations in texture are entirely normal. You'll find our beard butter a world apart as each of them holds a wealth of unique benefits not just to your beard but your skin too! 

Paired with our beard butter is our elegant beard oil. Each unique beard oil is comprised of the best, all-natural cold-pressed oils for excellent beard results. Used together in a beard growth kit, what enchantment can you expect for your beard? Here's just a few: 

• Vitamin-rich cold-pressed oils are excellent for conditioning, adding shine softness and preventing hair breakage, and being a moisturizer and hair sealant and protectant. 

• Coca, shea, mango, kokum, Illipe Nut, and beeswax within our beard balms are also high in vitamins, conditioning softens hair, improves elasticity, helps with moisture retention, and protects against heat. 

Before you battle the day, you make sure your supplies are refilled and your armor in top shape to protect you from unforeseen danger. Don't forget, hero, to don the proper armor for your magnificent beard as well! With our beard growth kit of oil and butter, you'll be well equipped to look and smell great!"