Fable Beard Co's Captain Crimson - Red Turns To Crimson - Episode 1

Fable Beard Co's Captain Crimson - Red Turns To Crimson - Episode 1

It was a vast spread of sea as Captain Red and his men sailed North. They were heading back to the village where they had received the prophecy of the treasure from the gypsy. It was a success locating the treasure but not without some casualties. One of the Captain's men Silas, had died back there. While another was severely injured.

"Pour some beard oil on it..." Captain Red said to his men who were dressing the wound.

Arggghhhh..." He screamed - it burned him.

Those sharp blades had been laced with deadly poison. They had a good grip on his thigh, impaling him such that it slightly broke his thigh bone.

"Am I ever gonna walk again Captain." He said in pain.

"Hopefully. We must get you back to the Witch...The gypsy in the village, she should have something that would heal you." The Captain said.

"This should relieve the pain and stop the bleeding until we get to the village." One of his men said pouring more beard oil on the wounded spot.

"That's better...much better. I haven't seen an evil as I did on Dead Isle." Erad the wounded man said in a weak voice.

"Me too. Rest now, the oil should make you feel comfortable." The Captain replied him.

"You all are brave men." The Captain started, unwrapping the glistening heavenly treasure which was in a white cloth. It was more than a precious stone with an incredible size -  It sparkled in various hues. It wasn't too big, neither was it too small.

"This is a tale of centuries...The story mothers told their children by the fire at night. It's worth a fortune...

"Much more than a fortune." One of his men replied.

"Such victory." The Captain said pouring some beard oil on his beards and giving it a massage.

"Yes Captain...To victory!" His men chorused, doing the same.

"The gypsy knows that we have the treasure...She knows everything." The Captain said.

"Shall we give it to the gypsy then?" One asked.

"Abomination! Give what to the gypsy? This is evidence of bravery. The people in the village will look at us like gods if they knew we had the sacred treasure of The Dead Isle."

"Silas' soul wouldn't know peace if we gave the treasure to the gypsy. He died in that fight." Another said.

With a defiant look in the Captain's face, he said.

"The gypsy takes nothing. We only head back to the village to seek treatment for Erad because she's our only hope."

"A gypsy cannot be trusted, Captain...How do we know she didn't plan this, knowing fully well that a severe injury is inescapable on Dead Isle." One man said.

"Yes...She knows we will be back because she's the only one with sorcery power to heal...Think about it." Another said.

"Hmmm...True. She might have sent us to bring the treasure straight to her. We must be prepared for the worst." The Captain replied.

They could see land right ahead, they were now nearing the village.

While they walked through the village, they kept the treasure in a box to avoid drawing attention to themselves.

The Captain's men had Erad on a stretcher - all heading to the gypsy's tent.

"Keep your eyes peeled." Captain Red told his men before arriving at her place.

"Welcome back..." The gypsy said with her back facing the men as she mixed some substances in a bowl.

"Gypsy we have come for your he...

"Help, of course. Who goes to the Dead Isle without sustaining a severe injury, or encountering the worst enemy of all, death." The gypsy interrupted Captain Red.

She turned around and looked at them, slowly her face changed. She was now a damsel with spotless skin.

"Oh...That would cost you, Captain. What do you have for me?" She asked.

"We have money, we wi...

"Nonsense...Money is futile compared to what you now have in your possession Captain...The treasure. Give me that, and I'll heal your friend."

"We can't giv..

"I'd choose my next words very carefully if I were you Captain."

That right there is the potion that would heal your friend. I had it prepared knowing that you'd be coming for it." The gypsy said pointing to the substance in the bowl.

It was a tough choice, Captain Red didn't know he was going to be played like this. Something had to be done. Had they lost? All that danger and the death of one man was for nothing after all. Captain Red couldn't let that happen, not in front of his men.

"What's taking you so long Captain, your friend could die if he does not receive proper treatment in time. Perhaps you didn't know, I tricked all the dead you saw back in Dead Isle into sudden death. Of course, I hoped they came back with the treasure. But if they weren't successful, it was certain that I'd orchestrate their deaths right there. I couldn't let them come out alive and tell the whole world where the treasure was. I must say, I'm sorry to - Silas was a dead man before you left for Dead Isle, I foresaw his death.

"You murderer!" One of the Captain's men furiously said, charging at the gypsy until he was stopped by the Captain.

The Captain got angry at the gypsy for this. Certainly, there was blood on her hands. She really manifested the art of being a gypsy. A hideous selfish greedy creature.

The gypsy was slowly turning into an old hag, a sign that she was about to attack for the treasure.

"Be calm." The Captain told his men.

You see gypsy...I have seen great evil in my lifetime." The Captain started, slowly approaching her.

"I am called Red because I manifested that color, a bright, brave, outstanding pirate. Conqueror of battles, and today I'd change that because I have become more than that. The evil on Dead Isle was like nothing I have ever seen. It was combat between men and spirits, and now I chose to become unpredictable, better than your vision. Something unseen like those spirits...Crimson I suppose. You should call me Captain Crimson." The Captain said, swiftly unsheathing his dagger and driving it through the gypsy's chest. She didn't see that coming.

She completely transformed into her hideous creature, falling to the ground and bleeding to death.

"Take the potion." Captain Crimson ordered wiping his dagger clean as he sheathed it back in.



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