The Briefing Part 2

The Briefing Part 2

“Anyways,” says Santa, coming back to himself, “Bells has come back to finish the job.”

“But he’ll never be Santa,” says Jingleman.

“That doesn’t mean he won’t try,” says Santa, walking over to the computer interface and begins intently typing inputs and viewing various maps and geometric structures, “He stole a multidimensional stealth sleigh, we have to find out where he’s going.”

“A multidimensional sleigh?” asks Snazzyflakes.

“Yes, everyone deserves to have a merry Christmas,” says Santa thoughtfully, “Even those living in the harshest of dimensions.” Santa sighs and turns to face the table. “This information carries the Hard Candy- Licorice classification, meaning only the most privileged have access to this information. What we talk about here, you cannot repeat to anyone, is that clear?”

Everyone but Candymittens nods, Candymittens walks to the front of the room and pushes a holographic input that brings up a hologram of a futuristic looking sleigh. The sleigh looks more streamlined than the current sleigh. The vehicle does not have the magical sparkle that Santa’s current sleigh has, it is instead covered in a flat charcoal-colored material. It also isn’t as ornate as the usual sleigh, all of its unique accents cut down into smooth curves.

Candymittens points at the secret vehicle, “This is ‘Silent Night,’ our combination of stealth and transdimensional technology. Not all of the dimensions we visit are friendly, welcoming, or even habitable to individuals with our biology. This is the pinnacle of our technology that allows manned flight in varying dimensions, regardless of gravity, conditions, or physics of that dimension. It also has the latest detection systems, allowing Santa to seamlessly jump to whatever dimension he wishes to go to in a matter of seconds, with the push of a few buttons.”

The rest of the elves stare dumb-founded at the screen. 

“I’m sure that you noticed that Silent Night is covered in a proprietary material that makes it invisible to all known detection systems. We’ve flown several unmanned remote and AI flights in other dimensions in which advanced life was detected and we’ve never faced interdiction or anything to suggest detection. This is the most invisible vehicle in our universe. It is also equipped with a single implement, the T.G.D.B or Transdimensional Gift Delivery Beam. It can “beam” items into the habitations of these citizens of other dimensions. It also works in reverse so that Santa can collect the “milk and cookies” left out for him.”

“So where do we start looking? He could be anywhere,” says Snazzyflakes.

Santa steps back from the computer staring at a strange geometrical shape with a winding path revolving around it. It appears to be a map. “Nothing we have will track him since the transponder is turned off. We will have to rely on magic to find him.”

“Who can wield such power?” asks Sugarfoot.

“Not who, but what,” replies Santa.

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