The Cage

The Cage

Dr. Wolf slowly creeps out of the canvas tunnel feeling that the apparition of this section of the big top tent did not just happen to appear because it was already in existence and he just happened upon it. No, Dr. Wolf knows that this carnival of evil will intentionally test him using his deepest and darkest fears and struggles. Dr. Wolf knows that you don’t “happen upon” anything in the CarnEvil, it finds you.

“Hey, hey mister,” comes a small voice pleading with Dr. Wolf from across the room. Dr. Wolf follows the voice to find a large cage with several vertical and horizontal bars criss-crossing from the top of the cage to the floor. Inside, a small boy sits on a tiny stool. He couldn't be older than ten, wearing a small purple vest, a fox head sitting just below the vest’s lapel. A pink bowler derby cap that seems comically large for the young boy, sits on his head.

Dr. Wolf stares, unsure what he is seeing. The child seems so pitiful, but at the same time, Dr. Wolf reminds himself that he is in the CarnEvil’s labyrinth and that things might not always be what they seem. However, would it be so hard to believe that something as evil as the Carney would imprison this child?

Dr. Wolf examines the door to the cage and sees it is secured with a simple padlock. 

“I think they keep the keys on that barrel by the crates,” whispers the boy, pointing towards.

Dr. Wolf looks around and sees several crates. Behind the crates, Dr. Wolf finds a single barrel and sitting on it is a key ring with several keys, basking in the sepia light of the tent. Dr. Wolf grabs the key ring and walks back to the cage. He fumbles around with several keys, trying several keys before the key sinks into the lock. 

A brief thought crosses Dr. Wolf’s mind. Why would the Carney have the child locked up in this excessive cage? He knows that the CarnEvil is testing him, but how? Should he leave the kid, just to find out that he was truly in peril and that he left him to die? Will it be test after test until his spirit is drained, unable to continue, paralyzed by the unknown consequences of his actions. Or is the monster contained in the cage before him?

Dr. Wolf did not know, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he just left the child uncertain of his future. With a twist of the key the cage door swings open.

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