Collection: Beard Grooming Kits for Men

You always check your adventurer's tool kit before heading out on the next adventure, why not make sure your beard growth kit is the best, too? Shop and find it, here!

Beard Grooming Kits for Men

"There's a saying that is quite common in the world: it is dangerous to go alone. Whether traveling from one town to another or seeking the legendary jewels of civilizations long past in dark and dangerous places beneath the ground—two is always better than one! 

When it comes to discovering what is over the next hill or finding where a mysterious map leads before you go, adventurers like you always ensure your traveling kit is restocked and ready for anything. Why shouldn't your men's beard grooming kit be the same? 

Thanks to the mysterious Wizard and his magic, this men's beard grooming kit is prepared to go with you and battle by your side. Featuring Fable's famous duo of beard balm and oil, the best of both magical elixirs can help you tame any vile beard goblins you may face. With our beard balm, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of an elixir meant to create the most conditioned beard for ultimate softness. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals that promote exceptional beard growth, high in fatty acids to prevent the dreadful hair breakage, and seals in moisture while providing a light to medium hold for styling your scruff to turn it into a glorious beard. 

You'll find that our beard oil in the men's grooming kit is the perfect companion to the balm. Not only does beard oil promote beard health and hair strength, seals in moisture, and prevents beard itch, Fable uses only the premium, all-natural cold-pressed oils free of the dastardly phthalates and DHT-inhibiting ingredients. 

Not only are these magical men's beard grooming kit combos great for beards, but they are also exceptionally scented. Our beard products can last from eight to ten hours without fading with carefully curated scents. All oils used within Fabled Beard Co.'s products are all-natural and cold-pressed castor, coconut, sweet almond, argan oil, and jojoba oil for premium benefits. Additionally, our beard balm contains all-natural shea butter for skin irritation reduction, hair breakage prevention, and beeswax for light and medium styling hold."