The Marksman - Mystic Woods Beard Oil

$ 17.99

The Marksman - Mystic Woods Beard Oil

$ 17.99
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In the dead of night lurking in the shadows is The Marksman. By the time you smell the rich woods of the arrows and hear the night silence, it is too late for you!

The Marksman - Crisp Pine, Warm Cedar, Fresh Sandalwood, Soft Mosses, and Mystical Amber

To follow The Archers/Marksmens Story click HERE

Fable Beard Co brings to you beard products made with wizards magic! What can wizards magic do for your beard? Well, get ready for a long list of benefits. Trust me, I'm a Wizard!

Promotes beard health and strength
Seals in moisture, preventing beard itch
Moisturizes deep within the follicle, allowing optimal growth conditions
Softens beard hairs to allow for easy styling and management
Long-lasting scent to carry you through the toughest days
Reduces skin inflammation allowing for better growth

The Wizards Promise

 🌿 All-natural cold pressed oils
💯 Free of damaging phthalates
🇺🇸 Made in the USA
😎 Free of  DHT-inhibiting ingredients
👃🏻 Long-lasting scents 8-10 hours


    • Castor Oil - High in vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids, excellent for conditioning.
    • Coconut Oil - Adds shine, softness, and helps prevent hair breakage
    • Sweet Almond Oil -Sealant and beard protector
    • Argan Oil - Anti-Oxidant, UV Protector, High in Vitamin E
    • Jojoba Oil - Promotes beard strength and rich in vitamins and minerals



    Fable's Risk-Free Guarantee

    If you aren’t amazed by The Wizard's magic or the fragrance you purchased just isn't for you, we'll exchange it for another fragrance—no questions asked. Just contact The Princess

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 307 reviews
    Tyler Hutchinson
    Right on target!

    The Marksman beard oil was right on target with a pleasing scent, after a couple weeks using this oil my beard not only smells excellent all day, but feels so soft, even after a shower.

    Stephen Esden (Augusta, US)
    The Marksman - Mystic Woods Beard Oil

    this a great beard oil. Pine and cedar with a hint of amber.

    Layne M. (Bountiful, US)
    Love it!

    I love the woodsy blend of scents. It starts off a bit strong and sweet, but mellows into a very pleasant aroma.

    Reviewer avatar
    James Leggett (Burlington, US)
    Awesome scent. A good everyday go to

    A manly woodsy scent with as aslways great feel in beard. Even the mystic woods Co wash scent is one of my favorite smells in the shower. Wish there was a body soap with that scent. The mustic woods beard oil never feels greasy nor heavy. Perfecto!!!!

    Djpal (Village Mills, US)
    Reminds me of camping

    The fresh pine and cedar reminds me of camping as a kid. Nice fresh scent great all day very nicely done.

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