The Barber - A Fiery Barbershop Beard Oil And Butter Combo Kit

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Your search for the perfect barbershop blend has come to an end! Step right up and meet the one, the only, the amazing, The Barber! A master cutter that can only be achieved from world travels under the big top! The Barber boasts a blend of antique barbershop, warm cedarwood, refreshing citrus, and fireball whiskey for a little kick. A blend of crazy adventure and sophistication only The Barber can provide.

Alongside these 4 ingredients, Fable Beard Co has added 5 different carrier oils that make the final blend apart from any other. Put your trust in The Barber and apply this oil on your beard up to three times a day as a softener. The balm up to twice a day as a medium hold product and beard conditioner. 

What could The Barber do for your beard? The Barber's mystical blend of beard oil is going to give a healthy and sturdy beard, worthy of any fine gentlemen. Alongside, the smell of class and sophistication, your beard will smell of epic adventure!

The signature blend in The Barber's 1oz beard oil contains coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, and a fragrance oil blend. Trust your beard to The Barber, you won't be disappointed! 

Signature Blend

  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Bees Wax

Apply Beard Oil 1-3 times daily as a beard softener and leave-in conditioner.

Our beard butter is set apart from any other as it's exactly what it sounds like, a true beard butter! 5 Different beard butters all with their own unique benefits to your beard and skin health.

  • Cocoa Butter - Deeply moisturizes, Strengthens, Helps prevent hair damage
  • Shea Butter - High in Vitamin A and E, Helps Prevents Breakage
  • Mango Butter - High in conditioning fatty acids, Adds natural shine
  • Kokum Butter - Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Hair Softener
  • Illipe Nut Butter - Improve Hair Elasticity, Moisture Retention, and Improves Shelf Life
  • Bees Wax - Seals in moisture and protects the product from heat

Our beard butter can be used at night for overnight conditioning and during the day for a light hold beard conditioning product

This character and scent was made in collaboration with Dave aka @bearded_motivation

*Please note that our butters are made of natural ingredients that may arrive slightly grainy due to temperature changes in shipping. Slight Variations in texture are normal for this all-natural product. Simply watch the video below to return the product to its original glory.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
warden_ofthe_north (Ashville, US)
The barber

This reminds me of my younger days when my pap and I would go to the barber shop and get hair cuts. It's clean and warm. This is a scent I will keep on my shelf.

Magyar Tribesman (Enfield, US)
The barber

This has now entered my top 5 scents of all time from any company. This is extremely refreshing and clean smelling and curiosly addictive. The scent of the fireball whiskey is present only upon application, afterwards it fades to the background, allowing for the barber's clean and pleasant scent to shine. Long projection for this one

Mark S. (Nashville, US)
Not Your Grandpappy’s Barbershop Scent

Yes, this has the all-too-familiar barbershop scent, but it doesn’t stop there. For me, the added hints of citrus and Fireball whiskey really gives this scent profile the kick in the pants it needs. This has quickly become one of my favorite, go to scents from an already amazing lineup of Fable products.

Chrystal Dickson (Murfreesboro, US)
Love it!

At first i wasn’t into the smell but once i used it on my skin it changed and really liked it. It’s not too strong it smells clean and crisp

Joseph Belanger (Springfield, US)
Best stuff I’ve used

The bread oil and butter is amazing. Easy to apply and smells great. Wife can’t get enough of it 😂

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