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The Grower - Complete Balm Kit - Crisp Apples, Fresh Pear, Warm Oud, Aged Amber

The Grower - Complete Balm Kit - Crisp Apples, Fresh Pear, Warm Oud, Aged Amber

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The Grower fragrance is a harmonious blend of nature's bounty and warm sophistication. Crisp Apples and Fresh Pears greet your senses with a burst of fruity freshness, reminiscent of an orchard in full bloom. As the scent deepens, notes of Warm Oud and Aged Amber emerge, adding a rich and captivating dimension. This fragrance evokes the feeling of a cozy autumn afternoon, where the crispness of fall fruits mingles with the comforting warmth of aged wood and amber. The Grower is a fragrant journey that embodies the essence of nature's abundance and timeless elegance.

Scent Profile - Crisp Apples, Fresh Pear, Warm Oud, Aged Amber

*Limited Scent


1 - 1oz Beard Oil

1 - 2oz Beard Balm

1 - 8oz Beard Wash

1 - 8oz Beard Conditioner

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 133 reviews
      Allen (Candler, US)
      The Grower

      If you seek a clean and refreshing fragrance, consider "The Grower." It possesses a subtle blend of apple and pear aromas that provide a long-lasting scent throughout the day.


      One of my favorite scents!

      David Carr (Chandler, US)
      The Grower - Fresh and smells so good

      The Grower is wonderful scent that I use for a relaxing night before bed . The fruit freshness is a strong top note and then mellows with the middle note as you get a more subtle warmth from the Oud. I really love this is change of pace from other products that use are primarily citrus notes. It reminds of walking in apple orchard on a warm fall day during harvest m

      James Kelly (Melbourne, AU)
      Deodorant the Grower

      Very nice deodorant. Feels great to apply, smells great and keeps me fresh and sweat free all day long. Very satisfied!

      Delton Robison (Greenville, US)

      Absolutely love this scent. Will keep it in my rotation. Great job

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