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The Hero - Warm Tobacco, Light Cologne, & Mystical Amber Beard Oil & Balm Kit

The Hero - Warm Tobacco, Light Cologne, & Mystical Amber Beard Oil & Balm Kit

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Looking for the ultimate beard care combo? Look no further! Fable Beard Co's The Hero Beard Oil and Beard Balm Combo Kit has everything you need to keep your beard looking and feeling its best. And when you buy the kit, you'll save 10% off the regular price of buying the oil and balm separately.

The Hero Beard Oil is made with wizard's magic and a blend of warm cologne, rich tobacco, mystical amber, and a hint of whiskey. Apply it to your beard up to three times a day, and you'll experience the benefits of wizard's magic: healthier, stronger beard growth, reduced beard itch, and easy styling and management.

The Hero Beard Balm is the perfect complement to the oil. Made with the same all-natural, wizard's magic formula, it provides long-lasting moisture and a light-to-medium hold for easy styling. Apply the desired amount to your beard and style for a healthy, epic beard.

Here's how to use The Hero Beard Oil and Beard Balm for the best results:

  • For The Hero Beard Oil: Apply a small amount to your beard and massage it into your skin and beard hairs. Use up to three times a day for maximum benefits.

  • For The Hero Beard Balm: Scoop a small amount into your palm and rub your hands together to warm it up. Massage it into your beard, starting at the skin and working your way out to the ends of your beard hairs. Use as needed for styling and moisture.

Don't miss out on this amazing combo deal. Order The Hero Beard Oil and Beard Balm Combo Kit now and save 10% off the regular price. Be a hero to your beard and try it today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Kyle Van Nest (Cocoa, US)
The Hero is amazing

I got the oil and balm and they smell and fell absolutely amazing!

Subaru46123 (Indianapolis, US)
Love the strength and longevity of your fragrances...

…just wish it was easier to find ones that I like. Thus far I’ve kept The Distiller, The Hero, and The Strategist. Specifically searching for “warm” scents, there is a “sweetness” to each that I didn’t expect.


Like Dr. Wolf it has tobacco scent. Plus it has mystical Amber and my wife name is Amber. Not strong it settles in just right for date night!

Finu Lukose (Seattle, US)
Sweet Smells

I like the scent selections and only just started using the oil and wash for the last week or so but enjoying it so far. Hoping it makes the hair a little softer and easier to style after some more use and conditioning.

Chris Melendy (Middleboro, US)
Great Scent

Love the smell and it lasts all day unlike several other brands that lose scent after an hour

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