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The Imagineer - Complete Butter Kit - Roasted Marshmallow, Citrus Flash, and Warm Sandalwood

The Imagineer - Complete Butter Kit - Roasted Marshmallow, Citrus Flash, and Warm Sandalwood

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The Imagineer, a scent that captures the essence of creativity and adventure. Roasted marshmallow notes evoke the warmth of invention, while fresh citrus sparkles with innovative energy. Crisp pine needles transport the mind to vast horizons of exploration, grounded by the comforting embrace of warm sandalwood, echoing the steadfast determination of the steampunk visionary.

Scent Profile - Roasted Marshmallow, Fresh Citrus Flash, Pine Needles, and Warm Sandalwood


1 - 1oz Beard Oil

1 - 4oz Beard Butter

1 - 8oz Beard Wash

1 - 8oz Beard Conditioner

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      Customer Reviews

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      Bronwyn (Dauphin, US)
      Sweet yet sophisticated and yes, female friendly!

      This scent is mysterious, sweet and so multifaceted. But I really want to review using the products as a woman. This goes for all the Fable scents I've tried.

      Wash/Co-wash-Doesn't pull my color, makes my hair soft and smelling good.

      Butter/oil-This is the best kept secret! Lightly oil legs after shaving/showering. Let dry, then apply a small amount of butter. Smooth, moisturized, soft and smelling great!

      Deodorant-Lasts all day, doesn't irritate my skin

      Balm-Another well kept secret! Use it on rough patches, like your heels. You can thank me later!

      Cologne-It's a spray scent, who says it has to be only men who use it?

      So, as a woman, Fable products are just as useful and I look forward to using a different scent ever day!

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