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The Lightning Rod - Fruity Cereal Super Hero Complete Butter Kit

The Lightning Rod - Fruity Cereal Super Hero Complete Butter Kit

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Lightning Rod's superhero-themed beard products offer a scent profile of Fruity Cereal, Crisp Lemon, Fresh Cherries, and Sweet Pomegranate. The Fruity Cereal scent is sweet and nostalgic, while the Crisp Lemon is fresh and invigorating. The Fresh Cherries and Sweet Pomegranate scents are both fruity and sweet, rounding out a delightful and unique fragrance collection.



1 - 1oz Beard Oil

1 - 4oz Beard Butter

1 - 8oz Beard Wash

1 - 8oz Beard Conditioner

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      jared roberts

      Oh, im in love with this scent. Makes me want a bowl of cereal anytime I wear it. My wife really enjoys the scent and how soft my beard is.

      Zach W (Chicago, US)
      Childhood memories

      I really like the scent of the lighting rod , it feels amazing in beard and smells just as amazing. I have loved fruity cereal since I was a kid so every time I wash or put it in my beard , I remember how that smell made me feel as a kid. Then I get hungry . I definitely recommend this one.

      Mike Wood
      Lightning Rod Kit

      The oil and butter were good but the wash and co wash was a MAJOR LETDOWN. The beard wash was something that I’ve never experienced with any beard wash. The consistency of this wash was all contents being fused together a very very thick mud consistency that was almost impossible to get out of the bottle. The co wash on the other hand had a nice creamy consistency but burned my face and left it red. Not sure what the deal was but I’m not too sure I’ll ever order either of the washes again

      Hew (Noblesville, US)
      Breakfast For Your Beard

      It’s been 2 months…so, first of all, yes it does smell like fruity cereal. I had others smelling my beard loving the smell. Second, at time it would give me a nostalgic smell and I remembered when I use to eat saved ice. Then I realized it also has a tigers blood smell to it. AMAZING! Third, this is my first time having a full kit like this. I have only in the past have had the co-wash and oil, but the shampoo is WOW and the butter is too. I hope Fable keeps this line permanently. (:

      Josh Burdette (Saint Albans, US)
      Cereal + Butter + oil + wash = A Fable Tale

      My new beard routine is solid , got the wash ,co-wash, oil, and butter for the Lighting Rod. It's like that classic cereal you know and loved as a youngster but for your beard. The smell is spot on and the product its self has my beard smelling great , feeling soft , and looking better than any thing I have tried.

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