Fable Beard Co's The Archer - Trials In The Cave - Episode 3

Fable Beard Co's The Archer - Trials In The Cave - Episode 3

Snap……Gurgle…Wail…. It seems I am no longer alone in this cave. That’s okay, this isn't the first time I would find myself in this sort of situation. My aim is true and my vision is sharp. At this point, I feel I no longer need my eyes to shoot. I have become better than that. Snap……Gurgle…Wail…. The sounds seem to be approaching closer. By the echoes, I feel I am in a chamber but this thing isn't in here with me. It seems to be coming from somewhere further, perhaps a tunnel branching off somewhere in the distance. I gather my wits and supplies that I have in preparation for the battle that lies ahead of me. The noises this thing makes I am doubtful it wishes to only have a conversation. In my pack, I have a few strips of dried beef, coin, some strips of cloth I use to season my bow, a stone that creates a fire that was gifted to me by The Engineer, and a few bottles of beard oil.

I take the strips of cloth and wrap the ends around 5 or so arrows and proceed to douse them in beard oil. When the time comes I shall use the oil and cloth as a fire arrow. This will aid me well in the dark. The few remaining bunches of cloth and beard oil shall be used as a bomb. I stuff the cloth into the second bottle and wait for my foe to make their appearance. Snap……Gurgle…Wail…. It seems to be much closer now. I fear that I only have a few moments left before we are to meet. Snap……Gurgle…Wail…. What came next was a moment of silence followed by a warm rush of air. Whatever this thing was it is large and angry. While I still had the element of surprise I light the beard oil bomb with the Firestone and throw the bottle in the direction of the mystery. 

A fire blast lights up the entire cavern. Large stalactites fall from the ceiling, dripping with fluids from the ground above. What I see before me is a beast told of only in legends. Captain Red spoke of this beast once but, I brushed it off as tavern banter. Standing 20 feet tall with teeth larger than an elephant tusk was a troll. This wasn't just any troll, by the markings on his face, this was none other than Karthan the long-lost war chief. He seems to be in some sort of a demented state of which he will not be coming out of anytime soon. Just as quickly as I noticed him he notices me. He begins to charge with an unrelenting force. I quickly light the arrows in my quiver and begin my battle. I shoot my first arrow striking him in the left shoulder and he seems to notice nothing. This isn't going to be as easy as I thought.

Just then Karthan snaps a large stalactite and hurls it at me with unrelenting force. I jump to doge and simultaneously ready another arrow. It barely misses me and I fire a second arrow. This one strikes his left eye and he winces in pain and agony….Wail…. I seem to have made a considerable impact in my favor. Before Karthan has a chance to recover I ready another arrow and strike is deep into his other eye. In further pain and agony, Karthan comes crashing down to the floor. Unable to see and distracted by the pain he doesn't notice me come closer. His breather is foul and I ready my final arrow. I put the last arrow deep between his eyes laying the final blow to my newest victim.  As the blood began to pool under his head the flickers on the fire allow me to see things I have not yet seen in this cavern. In the corner of my eye, I see a glint. Upon closer examination, I see a vast array of treasure! Time to investigate this a bit further… 

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