The Perfect Beard Care Schedule for Your New Fable Army Subscription

The Perfect Beard Care Schedule for Your New Fable Army Subscription

Embark on a whimsical journey through the enchanted forests of beard wisdom with Fable Beard Co! The importance of a consistent beard care routine isn't just our advice; it's the magical key to unlocking your beard's true potential. Your beard needs consistency in care to thrive!

A trusty and consistent beard care routine is like giving your beard a ticket to the fountain of eternal whisker youth. In a world where beards are becoming chin-crowns, the mark of a true king is their beard care routine. 

This is your beard’s first step in its epic tale of nourishment, resilience, and overall facial well-being.

So, grab your imaginary (or very real) sword, don your (definitely real) wizard hat, and let the magical symphony of well-groomed glory begin!

The Perfect Beard Care Schedule

Rise and shine, noble beards, for the morning routine awaits! 

The beard wash, a bubbling elixir of freshness, transforms your facial fortress into a stronghold of cleanliness. Picture your beard awakening, rubbing its sleepy whiskers – ready to face the day and whatever evil lurks in the shadows.

As the sun reaches its highest point, it's time for midday maintenance and on-the-go wizardry. Enter the beard balm – a carefully crafted ointment for shaping and styling, ensuring your beard stands as a testament to your courage throughout the day, with one of our most popular options being Dr. Wolf with hints of blueberry & tobacco.

As our great golden orb in the sky creeps below the horizon, it’s time to begin the evening rituals - the night beard wash. It’s a bedtime story for your beard as it washes away the day's adventures and mild annoyances. 

Beard oil also provides nighttime nourishment and weaves dreams of beard perfection that dance from whisker to whisker until the morning’s first light shines through your window. The Marksman’s arrows will be true, and so too will your beard’s nourishment.

Overcoming Pesky Beard Issues

Even the mightiest of beards can be faced with challenges – fear not, for Fable Beard Co. is armed with the solutions to overcome every beard woe! 

One of the most common things we hear is beard itchiness and dryness.

To help, we’ve created mystical potions like our Druid Beard Oil, complete with a creek moss and tobacco leaf scent. Our beard oils eliminate dryness and hydrates your beard to the level of a well-maintained enchanted garden. For itchy beards, the Anti-Itch Beard Serum soothes your facial fortress with the grace of a minstrel's melody.

But the quest for beard excellence doesn't end there! To prevent knots and tangles regular beard combing is the unsung hero. A gentle combing ritual is like casting a protective spell on your beard, ensuring it stays knot-free.

A rogue whisker refusing to comply with your command is also all to common but some sculpt beard cream can work wonders. It's like having a wand that can help ensure every whisker falls in line, harmonizing with the overall facial symphony.

In the enchanted world of beard care, Fable Beard Company is your trusty guide through the thickets of facial foliage. Your beard, once plagued by dryness and itchiness, shall emerge victorious!


Let's recap the key points of the perfect beard care schedule. Imagine your beard as a scholarly wizard, following each step in his magical routine like a spellbook for facial finesse. The beard wash in the morning, the beard balm in the afternoon, and the night beard oil in the evening!

Now, you might be wondering, how the heck do I keep up with all of this? Well the cool part is, you can get all that delivered to you every month in your Fable Army Subscription

All you have to do is log in now to update your subscription and start your journey towards the perfect beard with Fable Beard Company. Make sure you never run out of your favorite products, and your beard shall thank you with a roar that echoes through the enchanted valleys of well-groomed glory!

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