Collection: The Teacher - Wild Berries, Creamy Vanilla, and Peach Dessert

Wild berries, Fresh apples, Georgia Peaches, Vanilla: A lifetime of Lessons

Within the realm is a man of legend. Across the kingdom, thousands of bearded adventurers, new and old, experienced and amateur alike, seek him out for his deep knowledge of beards. Some came to him in sorrow; some came to him out of frustration; others came to learn the Ancient Ways so that they could pass on such information to the next generation of adventurers after.

His kindness, patience, and warmth made way for his legend to grow forth, and soon The Teacher was a name synonymous with The Wizard. The Teacher, or Dan C, worked hand in hand with the many heroes of Boron to create a school of learning for all, filled with positivity and encouragement.

The Wizard and Princess, hearing his name on the wind, sought out The Teacher and presented to him a magical concoction celebrating the excellent work of knowledge and light Dan C. spread across the realm.

The Teacher collection, like his teaching, soon took the kingdom by storm. A blend of spring and summer fresh wild berries hand-picked from the forest mixes with fresh, creamy vanilla hinting at crisp, crunchy fresh apples, and a slice of ripe, fragrant Georgia peach creates a mouth-watering scent that is like a warm hug served with a comforting dessert. Ensuring each product is brewed with the finest ingredients, each item in The Teacher collection comes with The Wizard's famous attention to detail.

All-natural cold-pressed oils free of DHT-inhibiting ingredients, without phthalates, chocked full of vitamins, minerals, and other essential elements like nut butters, beeswax, fatty acids, and more—The Teacher collection features beard oil, beard butter, beard balm, beard shampoo, and more is the perfect collection for beards of all adventuring types.

No matter where you come from, The Teacher collection, like The Teacher himself, will help you super-condition your beard, promoting stronger, shinier hair and healthier skin. So come, brave soul! Sit at the feet of the marvelous Dan C. Bearded and learn the lesson of a lifetime toward a better, more beautiful beard.