Collection: Cologne Scented Beard Oil

Beard oils that contain natural cold-pressed oils infused with a cologne fragrance.

Choose your beard's story with:

  • The Hero: A Blend of Warm Cologne, Rich Tobacco, Mystical Amber, and slight Whiskey notes.

  • The Wizard:  A scent profile of Oud Wand, Mystical Amber, Dragons Blood Cologne, and Magical Musk.

  • The Inventor: A scent profile of Yuzu Fruit, Fresh Tangelo, Kumquat, and Exotic cologne blend.

  • The Artist: A scent profile of Antique Cologne, Mulled Spices, and Oak Moss.

  • The Paladin:  A scent profile of Mystic Woods, Holy Smoke, Rejuvenating Cologne, Blessed Armor, and Divine Musk.