Collection: Dr. Wolf's Beard Care Collection: Fresh Blueberries, Warm Tobacco, and Aged Mahogany,

Dr. Wolf is just like his character, ever-changing. A beautifully blended balance of fresh blueberries and rich warm tobacco.  Beware of Dr. Wolf, if you don't come prepared into the night!

With a complex scent profile of fresh blueberries, warm tobacco, aged mahogany, and soft musk this is a blend you truly do not want to miss. 

Blueberries, Tobacco and Mahogany: The Beast and The Choice

"What, pray tell my good young hero, makes a monster a man and a man a monster?"

The faint scent of fresh, hand-picked ripe blueberries hangs in the air, mingling with rich, hazy tobacco smoke from the gentleman's pipe seated across from you. Along with the scent of berries and his pipe's tobacco, you can smell the faint hint of the well-aged, well-polished mahogany wood until the room is a heady mix of fragrances that you must admit is quite intriguing. As intriguing as the man, this Dr. Wolf, who sits across from you now, two massive hands crossed over the head of a snarling wolf's head cane.

The question is unexpected. For you, young and ambitious hero, you seek to change the rot of the world from within its very foul ranks, to fight the Phthalate spirits raised by wicked souls in the dead of night. And who better to start with than the strange and whispered man of the night—this Doctor Wolf.

You pause for a time, stroking a dry and brittle beard suffering from neglect and harsh weather. You've lived roughly these last few weeks, and the only time you have has been spent fighting and surviving. You are fighting against one more injustice. One more evil. However, you can't help but admire the deep, golden-wheat beard that spills full and sleek from the toothily grinning Dr. Wolf across from you. There is a collection of bottles behind the man on a silver platter, sunlight gently liming them in a halo of golden light—like the man's beard itself. You can't help but catch the name on the labels. 'Dr. Wolf, A Blueberry & Tobacco Beard Oil,' reads one. 'Beard butter,' reads another. 'Beard wash and Conditioner,' reads the second, 'Beard balm,' reads the third, marked with the infamous 'Fable Beard CO.' company you've heard about so much.

The man across from you shifts, and for a split second, as you turn back to him, you swear his beard, as if alive with its thoughts, had briefly moved in a breeze you did not feel.

"I suppose," you begin reluctantly," the difference is choice. Whether man or monster, what each chooses to do or not do, creates one or both. Who truly is the monster if a monster picks mercy over a man who chooses violence and ignorance?"

The man in the fetching derby hat leaned forward, a strange bright glint in his eyes as he reached behind him and handed you one of those glinting bottles of beard oil.
"Welcome, hero, to a league of extraordinary and unbelievable beards. Your first choice, I applaud enthusiastically. I look forward to working with you."

At Fable Beard CO., it's all about your story, beard, skincare, and journey. With all-natural ingredients such as cold-pressed oils, Phthalate, DHT-inhibitor-free ingredients, and beard and skincare bursting with vitamins—your glorious path to an even more glorious beard and healthy skin with head-turning fragrances begins now!
Tell us, brave one, what story will you create with us?