Collection: The Distiller Beard Care Collection: Rich Mulled Spices, Aged Bourbon, and Deep Barrel Woods

Stashed away deep in the foothills lies a man with a lifelong passion. Finally crafting the perfect blend to share with the rest of the world. The Distiller is Fable Beard Co's spiced vanilla bourbon scented beard collection. Featuring notes of Creamy Vanilla, Rich Mulled Spices, Aged Bourbon, and Deep Barrel Woods.


A Tale of Warmth and Comfort. Come Home with The Distiller.

Nestled deep within the small port city of Lock with sleepy foothills, embraced by ancient pines and hardy oaks, rests a Tavern. The tavern is also a front for a distillery known for its mouth-watering brews and delectable scents that waft from door and window every day and night. Many weary travelers, salt-crusted sailors, and cheery apple-cheeked villagers alike take refuge in the golden warmth of iron chandeliers, candles, torch, and lamps that chase the shadows away within.

Every time the door opens, sumptuous scents waft with the coming and going of patrons. You can't help but take a deep inhale while stepping inside as you approach. Enveloped by the comforting aroma of vanilla, you're taken back momentarily to a time of your childhood, to warm baked cookies and cakes, the softness of simplicity, and a hint of the specially prepared aged, white-oak wooden barrels that the Distiller's iconic bourbon is aged within.

When you belly up to the bar, a table filled with landed sailors burst into melodic and raucous song, and you smile as the Distiller himself, a warm faced, cozy dressed man with a beard well-groomed and shiny, sets out a clean wooden tankard before you filled with his famous bourbon.

You pay the man and lift the tankard to your nose, closing your eyes to inhale the tell-tale scent of rich, provocative mulled spices, aged bourbon, and the vanilla notes it is so well known for.

"I wish I could smell this all day," you tell him appreciatively.

He grins wide, the smile pushing his rosy cheeks upward. "Oh?" He chuckles. "Your wish is my command," he says with a wink. Digging below the well-polished bar, he presents you with many containers, pushing them toward you.

Welcome to Fable Beard Co.'s The Distiller signature collection, spiced vanilla, bourbon scented hug. Here you'll find all manner of products in this distinctive, cozy fragrance to help you maintain a glorious beard meant for a bard's tale. Everything from our legendary beard oil, beard butter, kits, beard shampoo and conditioners, balms, cologne, and even our fantastic merchandise is all here. Enjoy the bourbon, the warmth of the tavern, and stay awhile, friend—your story begins here.