Collection: The Inventor - Fresh Tangelo, Kumquat, and Citrus Cologne

The Inventor is an epic blend of exotic citrus and cologne. Featuring a scent profile of Yuzu Fruit, Fresh Tangelo, Kumquat, and Exotic cologne blend

Clock Work and Citrus: The Inventor

You've heard the tale of this mechanically gifted dwarf before. The stories say he invented wondrous and dangerous items and was rescued by The Hero, Distiller, and Scribe from a dangerous marauder's lair. They say that the Inventor himself helped defeat the marauders and went on to join the companions to assist the notorious Captain Crimson further and repair his ship. You've stayed up far too many nights studying the maths, sciences, and magic in hopes of becoming a new apprentice to this heroic Inventor—filled with both excitement and exhaustion, and you pause by a shop door.

You've found the Inventor's shop set up, the sign above waving in the breeze proudly proclaiming fine and wonderous goods. You open the door, a soft chime sounds as a cacophony of noise overwhelms you. Gears whir, metal ticks, mechanical creatures tap by, hydraulics and metallic clanking assault your ears as you hear a deep voice from above you cry, "Just a moment!"

You look up to see a sturdy and hale dwarf seated inside the body of a tarnished, worn-down mecha. He climbs down with ease, landing with a dull thud before you, and he takes your measure with quick, intelligent eyes. "Ah," he says with pleasure. "A budding inventor, are you?" He points to your belt of wrenches and tools, screwdrivers, and springs but stops suddenly looking at your face.

"Good gracious, have you not had a wink of sleep? Unacceptable, come, come, I have just the beard oil, balm, wash—and more--that will perk you up, refresh the senses, awaken your mind." He waves you to the back of his shop, his arrestingly healthy and wonderous beard—well-groomed with beard oil and beard balm-- making you speechless as he shows you a stockpile of great items!

Welcome, fellow Inventor and brilliant mind. You have found the most wonderful collection of invigorating scented beard products not to be found anywhere else on this realm's fine market today. Exotic Yuzu, a delicate blend of grapefruit and orange without bitterness, is sweetened further with Tangelo reminiscent of mandarine, with the earthy, sweet, and sour complex tang of the lemony and pine scent of kumquats and a base note of tropical cologne. This refreshing and effervescent scent profile is perfect for inventors like yourself. What story will you create with it?