All Stories Have a Beginning: The Wizard and The Princess

The Magic That Started It All

We strive for those who dare. At Fable Beard Co., we are committed to top-quality men’s beard grooming products. But this is more than just a brand.

Fable Beard Co. is also a rich community of brave and exciting beardsmen who are as unique and original as every single product we create. Our oils, balms, and other beard grooming supplies are a lot more than just products; they seek to share a story, a sentiment.

Long ago, in a darker time, men of the realm struggled under the yoke of strange corruptions that swept through towns and villages, leaving them and their beards weak and brittle. Warlocks shilled potions and elixirs tainted with the spirits of Phthalates and DHT-inhibiting ingredients. Bearded heroes across the land found their beards dehydrated, their skin's oils stripped—causing dry, flaking patches under their beards and causing irritation and itching.
Their beards began to thin. Their whiskers were lost.

Indeed, it was a dark time for all.

Until a mysterious figure, shrouded in voluminous purple robes and a shining beard, appeared and lit the way. Rumors say this magnificent magic man's name was once a man named Collin Gray. Still, one day this ordinary person stumbled upon a portal in a place called Nashville, Tennesee, and found himself in the presence of The Princess.

Together, imbued with a power long forgotten, they began seeking the slumbering ability of this strange new world of natural ingredients and enchantment to create a tool for bearded heroes and adventurers across the land, and Fabled Beard Co. was born, and so too was The Wizard.

Reborn and renewed, filled with purpose, the two set out to free all those struggling with brittle, breaking, dried out, and itchy beards. The Wizard and The Princess guided them to create a new story, one filled with hope and promise, health, and magnificent whiskers for all. Soon, brave men and women began to make names for themselves. Some were lauded as saviors; some remained a mysterious force in the night—yet all went down in legend.

The Distiller, The Hero, Dr. Wolf, The Marksman, Captain Crimson, The Teacher, The Scribe, The Strategist, The Enchantress, The Nurturer, and so many more began to spread the light, fighting the evil beard by beard, dry skin by dry skin. Welcome, fellow adventurer and future Hero, to Fable Beard Co. Sit by our fire for a while and rest your weary bones. It is time for you to tell your tale and head on to the next great adventure with us by your side.

Tell us, friend. What tale will you tell? What will be your Fable?

Fable Beard Co. was created in 2018 for a simple purpose. To unite adventurers that enjoy the world of fantasy and storytelling with quality beard products that their majestic beards deserve.

Fable Beard Co.’s own beardsmen are immersed in an endless fortune-seeking quest, a journey that we enjoy to share with all of you. This quest is about finding a precious treasure, the exotic elixir that provides outlandish vitality and verve to our community of beards.

These products are the consequence of a fantastic escapade, an audacious tale where our characters reflect the virtues, ideals, and courage of the community of beardsmen that chooses us. Welcome to our tavern.